Whether you are working in your home or on a project, you are going to need to be outfitted with the proper tools. Part of being outfitted with the right tool is also knowing how to use it. Today, we are going to circle around the wedge anchor bolt, an oft-misunderstood fastener that is commonly used as a concrete anchor. We’ll discuss what the wedge anchor bolt is, give you a few tricks to employ, and guide you to where you can order your next set of bolts.

Tips for Installing Wedge Anchor Bolts

Let’s start out with a simple description of what a wedge anchor bolt is. A wedge anchor is commonly referred to as a one-piece anchor that is threaded on one end with a steel clip on the other. Wedge anchors also possess a nut and a washer. A wedge anchor allows you to utilise the most consistent hold possible for applications dealing with concrete. No matter what you are aiming to put in place, you’ll rest easier knowing that a wedge anchor is holding it there. Now, let’s look at a few simple tips that you can employ.

1) Get the Proper Tools – If you want to install your wedge anchor without ripping your hair away, you’ll want to have a hammer drill on hand. A hammer drill set in hammer + rotation mode will allow you to drill out the proper sized hole. If you don’t use a hammer drill, you’ll find that your hole isn’t great and that the holding value of your anchor will be called into question.

2) Get the Right Bolts – Your wedge anchor and your wedge anchor bolts are two different pieces of material. If you want to make sure that you are using the best materials possible, you’ll want to order both wedge anchor and wedge anchor bolt from the same place. Here at EBolts Online Store, we can provide you access to high-quality components at an affordable price. Best of all, you don’t have any order limits. Whether you need 50 parts or 500, you’ll be able to get your order fulfilled through our shop.

3) Clean Freshly Drilled Hole – Before you install your wedge anchor into the newly drilled hole, you need to remove all debris. This is a critical task for the long-term health of your wedge anchor and the hold of the bolt inside of it. You can use compressed air or even a wire brush to get into each nook and cranny.

Once you’ve drilled out your wedge anchor hole and put your bolt in place, you are good to go. That was all pretty easy, wasn’t it?

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