Regardless of the reason you are joining multiple sections of a project together, you must use the right fasteners and or nuts to ensure that they stay put securely. For this reason, you need to educate yourself which ones will and will not work for your project. We are here to help you start the learning process by discussing in the following the characteristics and purposes for serrated metric flange nuts.

What are Serrated Metric Flange Nuts?

Flange nuts have a wide flange on one end, which is where the name comes from for these nuts. You can consider the flange as a built-in washer. It helps distribute the pressure over the part being secured with a compatible threaded fastener or rod, which lessens the risk of damage to the part during the tightening process. They are made from zinc-coated, hardened steel and are hexagonally shaped. You can find both non-serrated and serrated versions of these nuts. The serrated ones contain angled serrations on the flange that dig into the project material to prevent loosening. Serrated metric flange nuts also come in dimensions suitable for use with metric bolts, threaded rod or cap screws.

Uses for Serrated Metric Flange Nuts

Like other types of flange nuts, you can use serrated metric ones to use on oversized slots or holes to ensure that they attach the parts together securely without any unwanted shifting. They also are ideal for situations where the bolts receive vibrations that can loosen non-serrated metric flange nuts.

Where Not to Use Serrated Metric Flange Nuts

Since these nuts displace some of the material that they help fasten, they can damage painted or other surfaces that you might not want marred. Use the non-serrated metric flange nuts or other nuts to secure the bolts when this is the case.

The Sizes of Serrated Metric Flange Nuts That We Carry Here at Ebolts Online Store

• Din 6923 M4-0.7 ZP
• Din 6923 M5-0.8 ZP
• Din 6923 M6-1.0 ZP
• Din 6923 M8-1.25 ZP
• Din 6923 M10-1.5 ZP
• Din 6923 M12-1.75 ZP
• Din 6923 M14-2.0 ZP
• Din 6923 M16-2.0 ZP

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