Anchor bolts are an essential part of concrete masonry construction. They provide stability and prevent the masonry from moving or shifting. Anchor bolts should be installed in a specified sequence and location to ensure proper installation and structural integrity. We’ll go through an overview of eBolts’ concrete anchor bolts and their installation requirements.

Types of concrete masonry anchor bolts

Masonry bolts are one of the most common methods of anchoring a concrete structure to masonry. Masonry bolts are available in two main types: expansion and undercut. Expansion bolts rely on the outward force created by a nut as it is tightened to pull the bolt head against the wall, wedging it tightly in place. Undercut bolts have a specially designed shank that allows them to be hammered into the mortar joint, leaving a small bolt section exposed above the surface. This section is then cut off with a chisel, leaving only the threaded portion of the bolt embedded in the masonry.

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Concrete Masonry Anchor Bolts

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