No matter what industry you are working in, the time is going to come that you need to grab for a handful of specialised fasteners in order to get the job done. There are many types of fasteners in the world and they range in terms of size, quality, and material fabrication. Today, we are going to be directing our attention toward specific types of fasteners: blind rivets and pop rivets. These two types of fasteners often get confused with one another, so we’re going to put together a complete overview of their uses and benefits. Let’s dig in!

Talk to anyone who has had to work with tools and they’ll eventually come up with a horror story about not having the right tools or fasteners by their side. While fasteners are small and nominally inexpensive, they are incredibly important to both the functionality and safety of your project. With the importance of these fasteners established, let’s move our discussion toward outlining what pop rivets and blind rivets are as well as their primary differences.

Pop Rivets

Pop rivets have an interesting backstory and they overlap quite a bit with blind rivets. Pop rivets were developed in 1934 by George Tucker Eyelet Company. They are used in the same ways that blind rivets are with the primary benefit being that pop rivets can be installed on just one side of a material. Pop Rivets are essentially the same in application as Blind Rivets but there are a few key differences.

Blind Rivets

Blind rivets are a type of fastener that can be installed into hard-to-reach places with relative ease. These rivets are called ‘blind rivets’ because you can install them without even seeing the area that you are installing them in. Blind rivets come in a variety of different materials with stainless steel and aluminium being the most popular. Additionally, blind rivets come in three different types of head: Round, Flat and Oversized. The types of blind rivets are standard, sealed and multi-grip.

Differences Between Pop and Blind Rivets and their Uses and Applications

Pop rivets are used in a blind setting like blind rivets, but the material application is a little different. Pop rivets can be used with plastic, metal and wood while offering a longer-lasting setting than traditional blind rivets developed outside of the lab of the George Tucker Eyelet Company.

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