For a very long time, different industries have relied on the efficiency of fasteners to work everything out. As we all know, fasteners are hardware devices that can mechanically join and fix two or more objects together. What is great about these hardware devices is that they can still be removed or dismantled without causing any damage to the joining components.

Industrial fasteners come in different types, all of which can perform well under specific conditions and situations. Some examples of fasteners include bolts, nuts, screws, washers, pins, and rivets. One popular type of fastener is hex bolts. Hex bolts are comprised of hexagonal heads and machine threads that are best complemented with a nut or in a tapped hole. They are frequently used in fastening wood, steel, and other construction materials for structures like bridges and buildings.

If you need to buy some hex bolts, you must know the following things first to avoid wasting money.

Bolt Type

Some industrial applications tend to work well with hex bolts. However, certain applications are just not suitable with hex bolts. As a matter of fact, bolts like carriage, stud, foundation, and anchor may have been the correct bolt for your application. So, before opting for hex bolts, you should know the exact type of your application and its purpose and condition, and subsequently match it with a bolt that has the right material, size, and design.

Bolt Material

While you can purchase hex bolts based on your preferred material, you must still assess their material properties and their effects on your objects or structures. Hex bolt materials like steel, brass, and alloy are typically branched out into more defined classifications, with each classification works best under certain conditions. So, when you purchase a hex bolt, you must choose the closest or exact material classification that is suitable for your intended application.

Bolt Size

Aside from the material, another aspect of hex bolts that you must heavily consider is their size. Hex bolts are normally available in several sizes and designs. Some people even have them customized to ensure the perfect fitting of the bolts to the objects. As a general tip, one thing that you must always do before buying them is to carefully assess the bolt size required for your objects. After all, you do not want to end up with hex bolts that cannot completely hold your objects together.


As mentioned earlier, knowing the type of your application will help you determine the right bolt for you. Whether they are for machinery, construction, or any other applications, your hex bolts must seamlessly match them without any room for failures or malfunctions. They must also withstand certain external conditions to make them last for a long time. These bolts are usually manufactured with different specifications so that they can match the requirements needed by specific applications.

When you consider these things before purchasing hex bolts, you will be assured that your needs are met accordingly. If you need help in choosing the correct bolt for you, consult with us now at EBolts Online Store. We have one of the largest selections of nuts and bolts available on the web and ship most items the same or next business days.

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