The construction industry has been utilising fasteners in different projects and tasks for a long time now. Companies that provide construction services are keen to use these hardware devices since they can effectively join two or more objects together in a non-permanent way. Other materials like chains and cables can also join two materials together, but they are not as effective as fasteners would normally do, especially in the construction industry.

Types of Construction Fasteners

There are numerous types of construction fasteners. Each of these fastener types plays a pivotal role in certain construction tasks and activities.

1. Anchors: An anchor is a specific type of fastener that is used to connect structural and non-structural materials to concrete. Anchors can be grouped further into different groups. However, all of them are comprised of a threaded end that can be attached to a nut and washer.

2. Studs: Stud is an externally threaded fastener that has no head. One of its ends can be attached with a tapped component and the other end with a standard nut.

3. Bolts: One type of fastener that can either be used on their own or in tandem with nuts is the bolt. This fastener can be fitted into a slot or an already drilled hole with a nut at the end so that it can effectively hold two pieces of material together.

4. Nuts: As mentioned, nuts come together with bolts to precisely fit and hold pieces together. Aside from bolts, this type of fastener can also receive a threaded rod into its hole center.

5. Screws: Screws are typically found in wood construction. They are meant to be added to materials that are intended to be cut through. The basic structure of a screw usually contains a provision on one end that allows it to be turned and a helical thread on its surface for it to effectively pierce into the material.

6. Washers: Washers are thin plates with a hole that enables them to distribute the weight and load of a threaded fastener like bolt or nut. These fasteners can also be used as spacers, springs, wear pads, and locking devices.

Application of Construction Fasteners

All the mentioned types of fasteners cannot be used in all construction works. For you to know the exact fastener needed, you must check out some elements in your specific task. For one, you must assess the accessibility and condition of the area since some fasteners do not fit areas that are difficult to reach or are exposed to water and wind. To avoid the effects of weathering and corrosion, you can choose fasteners that are made from stainless steel or brass.

Another thing that you should consider is the weight of your materials. Using fasteners that cannot withstand certain weight and load can be catastrophic for some projects, so please be mindful of this factor. You do not want your structure to suddenly collapse just because of an incompatible fastener. You can use fasteners that are made from aluminium and silicon bronze since they have a great weight to strength ratio. This specific property allows them to hold pieces together without experiencing any problems in the long run.

Once you know the differences between these fasteners, you can now easily pick the correct type for your specific construction task. If you still have questions about construction fasteners, just ask us at EBolts Online Store. We specialize in metric fastener bolts, nuts, washers, screws, rivets, construction fasteners, allthread, purlin bolts and brackets, driver bits, and many more.

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