When fastening parts together to create a finished project, it is difficult to beat the versatility of screws and rivets. Fasteners such as these come in a variety of styles, and you must understand which style is best for the materials you plan to fasten together. We provide you with some examples here to expand your knowledge on which rivets and screws may be ideal for your project.

Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket head cap screws are ideal fasteners in electronic, automotive and mechanical applications where a broader bearing surface is necessary. The socket drive allows for a firm grip while you install it into a hole that is predrilled. Screws such as these contain machine screw threads with a hex drive along with a flat point.

Galvanised Hex Head Coach Screws

Hex head coach screws are ideal for timber or metal to timber applications. Since this version also is galvanised, it will stand up in both indoor and outdoor projects. The hex head allows for easy quick driving. Its point digs into the wood to begin the driving process.

Metric Hex Head Set Screw

Metric hex head set screws are designed to fit into an internally threaded hole. The true use of the set screw is to have it flush or below the surface of the application. While the socket versions do not have heads, the hex-versions do contain one. With the flat end, this selection is for a wide variety of machine uses.

Types of Rivets and Their Uses

Rivets are ideal fasteners for connecting two plates securely together. Installation of these rivets requires the use of a special rivet tool that comes in a wider assortment of styles. Various types of rivets also exist such as the popular ones below:

  • Countersunk rivets are designed for applications where a smooth surface is necessary either for operational purposes or for aesthetic appeal.
  • Standard rivets securely connect plates when the applications do not require a smooth surface, as the head of them stays above the surface.
  • Blind rivets are necessary when only one side of the plate is accessible. Installing gutters is just one example of the uses for these rivets.

Rivets are not just versatile fasteners, but also cost-effective ones, as they install quickly even in large projects. Under certain circumstances, time is a major factor in the completion of a project.

Before purchasing any screws and rivets for your present or next project, research what type of fastener is ideal for it. In addition, styles and sizes vary according to your requirements. When you use the right fasteners, you can attach the parts of your project together securely enough for it to last for years.

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