While screws and rivets are ideal for intricate fastening tasks, Nuts and Bolts are perfect for heavyweight ones or ones that entail creating joints such as those found in furniture. DIY enthusiasts and construction professionals of all types turn to bolts and nuts to connect large parts together in a sturdy, durable manner. Never turn to a screw to do the job of a bolt, but there are times when a bolt can replace a screw depending on the project. Nuts always are necessary with bolts, as the bolts cannot securely fasten items together without them.

Uses for Nuts and Bolts

A number of steel foundation components include bolts and nuts along with works of art. In fact, metallic structures of all types will include these fasteners, including radio antennas, electrical towers and even water towers. The buildings or other creations will contain predrilled holes for these fasteners to slide into, and the back will be accessible to screw on the nut for a secure connection.

Another use for bolts and nuts is to secure a ledger board along with flashing to the house prior to installing the deck. The ledger helps to secure the rest of the deck to the house while the flashing prevents water from seeping into the house’s framework. In addition, these fasteners hold the support posts onto the deck.

Furniture builders install bolts and nuts to join sections of cabinets, couches, chairs, tables and other items together in the correct way. Certain joints in furniture will contain wood glue along with these fasteners to ensure the best hold possible during usage.

Mechanical devices of all types contain these fasteners along with nuts in their framework and inner workings. The sizes that you will require for these will depend on their placement and usage in these devices.

Cars, trucks, trains, airplanes and boats contain these fasteners to hold their body parts together. On top of this, car, truck, airplane and train engines bolt to the framework to mount securely into these modes of transportation. Certain boats will contain similar inner workings that require bolts and nuts in some capacity.

Determine which type, diameter and length of the bolt you will need before ordering your supplies for the project. Then, you should match the Nuts and Bolts in the correct way to ensure a proper fit. Today, you will discover a wide assortment of both for use in your projects.

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