It’s hard to picture the dynamic capabilities of spring washers, especially when they’re for sale online. In lieu of being able to reach for something that’s tangible, you’ll need to opt for a more technical approach. Read the specifications that occupy a sidebar next to a photograph of the product. The sample image does foster the selection process, but it doesn’t convey any information about the material, right?

Conveying Material Characteristics

That’s the problem with static images, this lack of engineering data. Sure, you can read graphs and see video clips about that product, but you’re still left in the dark, at least figuratively speaking. Is this a materially robust alloy? More importantly, is it ductile? After all, that springiness attribute equals effective fastening force. Just what type of disc-shaped item are we looking at here?

Used in:

  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Air conditioning ducts
  • Heating and cooling appliances

A Commonly Used Vibration Mitigator

Look for spring washers in applications where mechanical vibrations propagate. On a motor, for example, the drive shaft or reciprocating mechanism produces masses of oscillating force. Before these lockers discs were perfected, the dynamic machinery would loosen fasteners. Like an ever-tightening cycle of nastiness, the loosened components exacerbated the issue, then the rattling parts collapsed into a state of disrepair. Spring washers stop fasteners from loosening, even when these vibrational events really push hard.

Expansion Governing Applications

A measurable quantity of shaped ring resilience is desirable in those situations where a simple but effective locking mechanism is desired. It’s also the ideal solution for those instances when metal faces expand. Noise propagates through a machine frame when it’s driven by a dynamic energy source, but so does heat. Perhaps the thermal energy is conducted because of friction, or maybe this is a heat exchange process, perhaps a boiler in a distant plant room. Regardless of the cause, fasteners deform when these stress factors are transmitted. In the heat transmission example you just envisaged, the effect is worsened by the subsequent contraction of the metal, which occurs as the metal cools.

Stress factors torture nuts and bolts. The mechanical anchors deflect angularly when large loads are suddenly encountered. Beyond those transient load spikes, there’s noise and vibration, plus the arrival of metal-expanding thermal energy. Remember, these dynamic forces propagate. They impact the nuts and bolts of a machine housing or support structure, then they loosen those coupled fixings. Spring washers stop those energies, dampen the noise, and smooth out those thermal expansion events.

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