When filling up your toolbox for a job, you know that having the best parts and tools available will go a long way toward a quality project. One of the most prevalent sections of our toolbox is dedicated to nutsboltswashers, and screws. Today, we are going to take a close look at screws in order to ascertain the core difference between two of the most popular options on the market: galvanized screws and chrome plated screws. If you’ve never pondered the difference before, we are definitely going to fill you in.

Galvanized and Chrome Plated Screws

The average person probably doesn’t know what the difference between a galvanized product and a chrome plated product, at least in words. However, if you’ve ever seen these two types of screws sitting next to one another then you’ll know which is which. Let’s start by detailing what each type of screw is as well as their benefits.

Galvanized Screws – When we look at a galvanized screw we will see a screw that is probably relatively dull in terms of texture and overall appearance. This dull aesthetic is particularly striking when seated next to the shinier, more attractive chrome plated screw. However, aesthetics aren’t the only difference between the two. Galvanizing a screw is a process that involves the screw being dipped directly into a cocktail of materials including molten zinc.

Chrome Plated Screws – When we look at chrome plated screws we will notice almost immediately that these screws are vibrant, shiny and much more appealing to look at. To chrome plate a screw, the screw is put through a process that involves the electroplating of an impossibly thin layer of chromium onto the surface of the screw. When the chromium, or just chrome, is applied you will see that it is decorative and shiny. There are two different ‘levels’ of chrome plating as well: decorative and hard.

Galvanized vs. Chrome Plating

Now, when it comes to choosing between a chrome plated screw and a galvanized screw you are going to need to know the primary benefits that each can offer.

Chrome Plating – With hard chrome plating you are going to be getting a screw that is both resistant to wear and tear as well as aligned for oil retention so as to improve the lubricity of the screw. You’ll typically see these screws used on projects with moving parts. Decorative chrome plating is weaker and typically for screws that are aligned outwards, within view.

Galvanized – Galvanized screws are made to be resistant to water and they perform well in situations where the weather will provide intense wear-and-tear. Galvanized screws are also designed with longevity in mind.

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