If you’ve spent any measure of time working on your own projects, then you’ve likely already come to know the importance of having the proper mechanical fasteners on hand while you work. Mechanical fasteners are one of the most underrated sections of your garage because they are so small, yet so integral to everything it is that you do. Today, we are going to shine a light on a particular line of fasteners: solid rivets. Solid rivets are integral to just about every industry on the planet, so you know that this information is going to be important and widely used. Are you ready? Buckle up and let’s start learning!

The Different Types of Solid Rivets

Alright, let us head on down to the local garage and pull open the nearest toolbox. Inside you are going to find a wide selection of fasteners that come in different sizes, shapes, and grades. Today, our focus is solely going to be on that of the solid rivet. Solid rivets are incredibly popular and incredibly commonplace in just about every industry. These rivets can be used in a variety of different processes and they are typically used where a safe and secure hold is revered above all. Listed below you’ll find the most common solid rivets that are commonly being used.

  1. Semi-Tubular Rivets – Otherwise known just as ‘tubular rivets’. These rivets showcase a small hole at the very tip-top of the tail end of the fastener. These rivets are typically played with tin or nickel and are ideal when used at pivot points.
  2. Blind Rivets – Blind rivets are most commonly used in situations where you don’t want the tail of the fastener to be seen. The mandrel of the rivet is snapped completely off.
  3. Compression Rivets – Compression rivets are nifty in that there are two members of this fastening process: the male rivet and the female tubular rivet. When installed together, you’ll receive a press fit.
  4. Drive Rivet – While not as secure as other rivets, these rivets are used often with wooden panels. These rivets are ideal when aesthetics matter above all else.
  5. Flush Rivets – Finally, flush rivets are ideal when you need to completely showcase the metal appearance of a project. Also known as countersunk rivets, you’ll find these fasteners used extensively in aviation.

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