The next time that you begin working on a project, take a moment to really analyse the different products and pieces of equipment that you have on your side. All of these objects work together in order to help you accomplish the task that you have set out before you. While much attention is paid to your expensive power tools, more attention needs to be paid to the fastening process. At Ebolts Online Store, we understand that there are more fasteners than you could ever really take stock of. So, instead of shoving information at you that you might not absorb, we’ll focus on a topic that is largely ignored by most workers: chemical anchor studs and chisel points. Let’s take a close look at what these two objects are and what they mean for your work.

Chemical Anchor Studs & Chisel Points: What Are They Used For

Even the most hardened of construction and DIY expert will likely have spent limited time discussion chemical anchor studs and chisel points. As a result, a little bit of baseline knowledge is probably required in order for you to take the majority of this information for proper consumption. Let’s start by outlining what each individual fastening type is used for.

1) What is a Chemical Anchor?

Also known as resin anchors, chemical anchors just refer to steel studs, anchorages, and bolts that are bonded into the substrate that you are constructing your project with. Different than traditional anchors and studs, chemical anchors provide a specialised fastening technique that allows for more flexibility. The entire process starts by injecting a special resin into the hole of the substrate which then bonds with the fastener itself.

Commonly Used For – When you are looking at chemical anchors, you are most likely looking at fasteners that are to be used in a material such as concrete. While other substrates are used in partnership with chemical anchors, concrete seems to be the most common.

2) What is a chisel point?

Chisel points are much simpler than chemical anchors, and for a good reason — they are essentially chisels! The term chisel point refers to the type of edge that your chisel will have. Chisels are used for cutting through a variety of different materials, depending on your needs.

Commonly Used For – One of the most common chisel points you’ll find is the concrete chisel, where the tip is sharpened to a tip rather than a broad edge. This helps the point cut through the concrete.

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