If you are working on a project that deals with concrete, you are going to need the right fasteners on hand. The wide world of fastener production is filled with many styles. Today, our focus will be on explaining to you the different types of concrete fasteners that are available. We will be outlining the most common concrete fasteners that you will come across as well as their own specific uses and applications. If you are going to be dealing with concrete, you need to start paying attention.

Most Popular Concrete Fasteners

Concrete fasteners are just like any other fastener that you could order. These fasteners come in both male and female styles. The male concrete fastener will require both a nut and a washer in order to fix itself to concrete. Female concrete anchors will require a special bolt in order to cement itself into the concrete. Most commonly, concrete fasteners are made of carbon steel or with hot-dipped galvanized coatings. With that being said, you can definitely find concrete fasteners that are made out of other materials. Now that we understand a little more about how these fasteners work, let’s begin outlining the most common concrete fasteners available.

1) Wedge Anchors – These fasteners are designed for light and heavy-duty applications. You can find wedge anchors in zinc plated steel, galvanized, and stainless steel varieties. This is the most common type of concrete fastener by far.

2) Sleeve Anchors – Sleeve anchors are ideal for medium-strength fastener jobs. These anchors fasten directly to brick or concrete materials. You’ll find that sleeve anchors have flared external casings in order to maintain their snug fit to the concrete.

3) Strike Anchor Bolts – These fasteners are incredibly strong and sturdy which makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications. Strike anchor bolts are inserted directly through a brace established by your nut and washer. You’ll use a hammer tap in order to extend the flanges, thus anchoring the fastener into the concrete.

4) Lag Shield Anchor Bolts – This special type of concrete anchor is particularly useful in applications that will showcase a moderate amount of vibration. Lag shield anchor bolts feature a strong enclosing and a two-sided wedge that work in concert to secure the fastener to your soft or hard materials.

5) Leadwood Screw Anchors – Finally, we have the leadwood screw anchor. This fastener is ideal for blocks, bricks, and concrete. These anchors are ideal for lightweight applications as they are quick to install and easy to work with.

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