Galvanised flat washers use a protective zinc coating to create a corrosion-resistant barrier around a level ring of toughened metal. In other words, the washer will support a screw or bolt head on its flattened band of rustproof metal thanks to the galvanisation process and an already stout material base.

Galvanised Washers Perform Better

A durability feature always tops the fastener top 10, and that’s exactly the function that this special coating accommodates. Consider how that feature helps a flat washer when a rough bolt or screw head compresses its material base. Anyone who has ever picked up a screwdriver knows just how badly a washer can be chewed up by a rotating fastener head. Treated to fully resist corrosion while delivering a force-distributing surface that’s almost as durable as the fastener head, galvanised flat washers are an essential part of the fastener landscape.

Surface Area Benefits

As we just mentioned, flat washers are designed with a broadened band of levelled metal, a steel ring that’s finished with a galvanised lamination. Built to evenly distribute needle-like loading factors, the washer spreads that compressive force outward. Consequently, the joined surfaces are correctly secured. The fastener, perhaps fabricated with a narrow head, gains traction as the screwing rod tightens. Finally, this diffused force protects a potentially fragile surface from fracturing and deformation. A mild steel vehicle panel, as one obvious example, must be properly secured to the car chassis, but it will deform when the correct amount of force is applied. Engineering virtuosity accounts for this eventuality, though, by inserting a series of galvanised flat washers along the panel. Each one guarantees full fastening power while preventing the surface deformation effects we’ve illustrated today.

Designed for Multipurpose Fittings

Hot-dipped in a pool of molten zinc, the protected washers are fabricated with toughened material attributes. The washers won’t bow or warp, won’t leave a mark on a surface or damage that surface, nor will they corrode. As for their applications, it would be easier to list the places where these fastener inserts aren’t found. Expect to see these items in camper trailers, marine vessels, and any other application where a mild material requires large amounts of fastening force.

A galvanised flat washer, at least on the surface, looks like a plain and utilitarian fastener insert. Appearances can be deceiving, however, for this corrosion-resistant washer class distributes large compressive forces, protects soft surfaces, and accommodates substantial compressive forces, even when the fastener head uses a reduced diameter screw head.

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