We all know that online selling can be a challenge. And in truth, there is no best sales tactic. For the most part, your experience and persona will define the type of sales method that will be the most successful for your business. Even if your methods work well, it is always a good idea to be a little adventurous and try something new. In fact, just a few changes can literally boost your sales.

One of the best sells techniques for items that are difficult to market such as nut and bolts, is the systematic approach. In fact, it has been proven by many marketing specialists that the systematic approach is very effective.


The first step in systematic selling is to know the meaning and definition. Systematic selling is a methodical procedure or plan that is performed repeatability. In perspective, it is organized effort to remove bad business habits and establish good ones. It also includes the extension of habits throughout the entire team.

The Approach

A systematic approach to selling includes a pre-defined interface with step-by-step set interactions between all salespeople. It includes constant consistency or scalability. Avoid “winging it” actions; these tactics can weaken your business.

You really need to know who your client is. Go slow and take your time in deciding who your ideal client is. That way you can focus on qualified leads which will dramatically increase your sales revenue by decreasing your expenses with unqualified leads.

Establish a System

Cultivate a selling system that caters to your preferred clients. Catch the eye of your leads with unique distinction and personal value. For instance, it is important to spoil your leads during the whole decision making procedure.

Build a Stable Lead Generation System

Start with a system that records and distributes the sales flow process. You can invest in services like One Note and Evernote or design your own with a Word document or Excel. Flowcharts are also very useful. The lead generation system should include milestones with key events or results of your buyer’s goals that meet their needs.

Keep Record of Your Leads

Always track your sales leads and opportunities. Either use an innovative CRM system like Dynamics or use a simplified format like Excel for your salespeople to enter data in.

Quick Response Time

Always respond to inquiries and as quickly as possible. For instance, set rules for response time like one business day for all online inquiries. Also, make sure to follow up with your potential customer to ensure repeat business. A call to action is generally an effective method.

The perfect opportunity to show your value is when a lead asks questions about your products or services. Always have a set way to stage your business that captures the attention of potential customers. In doing so, you add value in the relationship between the customers and your products.

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