At times, people are apprehensive to order merchandise on websites online. Part of their reservations revolves around the fact that they cannot examine the items in person. Instead, they must trust that the site’s photos and descriptions are accurate. For this reason, it is important that the websites offer a product guarantee in online order processes as part of the site’s services. Reliable shipping and delivery options are another concern for those hesitant about ordering online. Companies selling merchandise online, therefore, should offer a wide variety in both delivery and other transport choices to guarantee that buyers receive their orders as soon as possible and in a safe, accurate manner. While companies cannot guarantee to have the desired items in stock 24/7, they can guarantee accurate and expeditious order filling when the items are in stock.

Product Guarantee

Once potential customers understand that there is a product guarantee in online order processes for the sites, they will be less hesitant about buying their merchandise online. The guarantee should include that the customers receive the proper merchandise according to their order, and that it is in ideal condition or they can return it without restocking fees.

Guarantee on Shipping and Delivery Options

A guarantee of delivery and other transport choices should include that the site will only utilise reliable choices to ship or deliver the merchandise to customers. Customers also should be able to select which option is best for them. Poor delivery or other transport services by a company will chase off customers after the first order instead of them becoming repeat customers. Another part of this guarantee should be the fact that the company will notify the customers immediately when merchandise is not in stock at present.

Reasonable Return Policy

In addition to the above guarantees, online sites should offer a reasonable return policy. The policy should provide a full refund minus the cost of delivery or other transport options when the sites make a mistake filling the order. In the event that the customer errors, the sites should still accept the return with only a 20-percent restocking fee. Other stipulations may apply for refunds on top of the above ones.

Sites should not underestimate the importance of product guarantee in online order, shipping and delivery processes along with a reasonable return policy. At Ebolts, we offer all of these services on top of our wide assortment of fasteners and accessories for all those who order from us online.

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