When working on a project, you may require screws to fasten your sections together in a secure manner. Since these fasteners contain heads and threads, you must be careful not to overdrive them into the materials that you are working with to assemble your project. If you fail to heed this warning, your results will not be durable and high quality. We offer all the reasons why you should not overdrive screws into materials in the following facts.

1. Ruins the Holding Power of the Screws

Over turning the screws can ruin their holding ability depending upon the thickness of your materials. As a result, you may need to use additional screws or replace sections in order to finish your project according to the plans.

2. Will Strip the Head

Another issue that you can cause with overdriving a screw is stripping its head. When you do this, you no longer can tighten or loosen it when necessary. Through the use of your final project, the screws may tighten or loosen where they require adjustment and if you strip the head, neither one is possible any longer.

3. May Strip the Threads in Certain Cases

Stripping the threads on the screws also is a possibility when you turn the screws in the wrong direction or into a threaded washer in a crooked position. At times, this can prevent you from removing the screws.

4. You Might Crack the Materials in Your Project

In extreme cases, overdriving screws will crack the project materials. You may not be able to hide this damage depending upon what type of materials your project contains. With just a few extra turns on your manual or power screwdriver, you can ruin the appearance and possibly the functionality of your project.

5. Can Cost Extra Funds to Replace Materials or Screws

Along with all the above issues, you may need to spend extra funds to replace the damaged screws, materials or both. Your budget will take a negative hit that you may or may not be able to afford at present.

For all of the reasons here in our list, you should drive the screws only until they are tight. Do not turn them beyond this point to prevent negative effects on your project. Consult with Ebolts Fasteners when you require screws for projects or to replace the ones that you damage by over tightening them. We offer a wide assortment of screws, other fasteners and pertinent accessories. When you order from us, you receive quality products and service.

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