When it comes to online shopping, consumers want retailers to make it as easy as possible to purchase their goods and services. Online shoppers also desire stores and websites to work more effectively together. Some of the attributes customers are looking for include fast delivery, order accuracy and product availability. And without these features, consumers quickly move onto another website for easier shopping.

Fast Delivery

Aside from free delivery, consumers feel that quick delivery is of upmost importance when shopping online. In fact, numerous studies show that consumers shop online because of the free shipping, low prices and quick delivery.

Some online sellers have a minimal of products that require basic delivery from only one carrier such as the Post Office. However, online selling should include a variety of shipping options for both domestic and international customers. But this also means that online sellers will have a more complex shipping method. Nonetheless, having fast delivery and many delivery options for your customers is vital.

Some delivery options for customers include same-day delivery service, free delivery with purchases over a certain price and 2-4 day shipping which is a cheaper option for customers. Also, conformation that a package has been shipped is important for good customer service. In fact, it reassures the consumers that the package is on its way.

Order Accuracy

When a customer orders something online, not only do they desire quick delivery but they also want exactly what they ordered. There is nothing more disappointing than opening a long awaited package only to find that what you ordered did not arrive. Then there is the extra time and frustration of returning the package plus the additional cost for postage. Additionally, by the time the package arrives a second time, the potential customer has waited 2-6 weeks for their order. Quite frankly, the lack of order accuracy will be discouraging to the consumer and they will most likely shop elsewhere next time.

Product Availability

With today’s quick pace and numerous options, consumers want instant gratification. As it happens, they want a certain product right now and really do not want to wait until tomorrow to shop online. This is why it is essential for any online business to always have their products available.

Additionally, product availability will have a strong bearing on various businesses like retail shops, transportation and special events. As a result, having a product available at all times will keep the consumer happy and satisfied and improve online selling. Equally, a consumer is less likely to shop elsewhere when a certain product is readily available, thus profits are increased.

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