The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most industries globally. With lockdown protocols in place, most retailers and shop owners have experienced loss of income and temporary closures. Thankfully, online shopping has been introduced and most industries are taking advantage of the said platform. Presently, you can shop online for fasteners, nuts and bolts.

Some structures are built out of tiny hardware devices that make them stable and devoid of damages. Hardware devices like fastenersbolts, and screws are essential in every object that can be seen in our homes or businesses. If ever they are damaged, it would be impossible for your structure or object to be durable and stable.

To avoid any unnecessary downtime and damages, you must have easy access to hardware devices all the time. Here at Ebolts Online Fastners Store, we have the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the best value fasteners and other related hardware devices as quickly as possible. We utilise online platforms for getting orders so that we can process the purchase transactions and subsequently dispatch the needed items right on time.

Ordering Online is now Easier

With over 35 years of experience in the fastener industry, we know how important fasteners are in holding two or more objects together. Nails, screws, bolts, clamps, nuts, and other types of hardware devices are essential not only in bonding two objects together but also in providing appropriate load distribution in an object or a structure.

Given the significance of these items, we have decided to make purchases easier for you. Our website contains all our available products for you to assess, compare, and buy. Once you have found your desired items, you can conveniently add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout page. Our checkout page will then ask the necessary details about you so that we can process your items.

vDelivery Service Options

When we have finally received your order, our team will then ready your items for delivery. We have several shipping options to dispatch the orders, which will depend on the delivery destination and order size and weight. Orders will be dispatched with Australia Post, Couriers Please, TNT Couriers, and other freight companies as required.

Our standard delivery service dispatches orders under 500g through Australia Post regular mail with no tracking. Heavier items under standard delivery service can are also dispatched through Australia Post and other couriers with some form of tracking. The estimated delivery times for standard options range from 1-7 business days depending on delivery location.

Express delivery, on the other hand, can also be considered if you want to quickly receive the items. This type of delivery service has an additional cost that will depend on your order size and weight and delivery location.

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