If you’ve spent any measure of time studying engineering or working with tools on your own, you’ll know how important every asset is. From the largest pieces of machinery to the smallest fastener, you need everything to work together in order to succeed. Today, we are going to be directing our attention toward a nifty fitting known as a sleeve anchor. While most people wouldn’t know what a sleeve anchor does by its name, they are likely well aware of the impact that it has on different engineering projects. Let’s go ahead and dig into the most common uses of the sleeve anchor.

Common Uses of Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchors are handy tools that make an impact on projects in just about every industry that you can imagine. Sleeve anchors typically feature a steel sleeve on top of a shank that is then split at the bottom. When a sleeve anchor is in use, it expands. Sleeve anchors are commonly used for a variety of different materials. Let’s look at a few of their most common uses below.

1) Mortar Joints – Sleeve anchors are commonly used when dealing with mortar joints. Sleeve anchors are installed into these mortar joints because they will not impact how the blocks and bricks are positioned. Sleeve anchors are versatile tools that can be useful for a variety of different projects, so let’s keep on reading.

2) Fastening Light Fixtures – You’ll also commonly see sleeve anchors used to fasten light fixtures onto concrete walls and ceilings. If you are installing lights outside with a sleeve anchor, you should probably use stainless steel so as to prevent any potential rust and corrosion.

3) Installing Door Frames – Additionally, sleeve anchors are commonly used to install door frames to walls. Typically, sleeve anchors are used on concrete, brick, and mortar walls fo the installation process. The anchor will fasten the door fame to the building, thus keeping it safe and secure while remaining usable.

Sleeve anchors can be relied upon in a great number of instances. We’ve already outlined several situations which could benefit you while you work. Sleeve anchors are incredibly handy and can be made out of a variety of different materials. If you are in need of any special type of sleeve anchor, you’ve come to the right place. Call on any member of our team here at Ebolts Online Store and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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