The next time that you dig through your toolbox, are you certain that you have everything you need in order to finish your project? Here at EBolts Online Store, we believe in the power of preparation. In order to finish your project, whether it be as small as fixing a door or as large as working in aerospace engineering, you are going to need to have the proper tools, components, and knowledge on your side. Today, we are going to shine a light on the world of purlin fasteners. If you aren’t familiar with these unique fasteners, you are in for a treat. We are going to showcase what these purlin fasteners are, what they do, and which projects you will likely be using them in.

Purlin Fasteners – An Overview

Here at Ebolts Online Store, we know how important fasteners are to projects being done all over the world. In order to help round out the education of our readers, we are going to focus on a lesser-known fastener: the purlin fastener (Purlin Bolts and Purlin Brackets). The purlin fastener is a fairly specific fastener that is used in conjunction with, you guessed it, purlins. If you don’t know what purlins are, we can go ahead and take a moment to define them for you:

1) What is a purlin?

A purlin is one of the most fundamental aspects of any construction project. A purlin is a lot like a rafter but with a few minor differences. Purlins are used to help carry and transmit a load of your roof. Purlins help to transmit wind load, dead load and live loads. Purlins run with the span of your roof while rafters run perpendicular to your roof.

Now that we know what a purlin actually is, we can move on to talking about purlin fasteners. Purlin fasteners are easier to define now that we know what their primary usage is. Let’s go ahead and lay that information out for you below.

2) What is a purlin fastener?

A purlin fastener is a special fastener that is used to affix purlins into place. These fasteners come in a variety of shapes, sizes and material makeup. They are most commonly used in the roofing industry.

3) What are the common uses of a purlin fastener?

As we’ve highlighted several times now, purlin fasteners are most commonly used in the roofing industry. These fasteners, which consist of a hex head, a long body, and a drill point, can be used for wood and metal. You’ll find many styles of purlin fasteners within the catalogue here at Ebolts Online Store, so give us a call with any questions or order requests!

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