Because fasteners are used for anchoring nearly anything, there are times when these are used to mount or anchor permanent fixtures, which is when superior fasteners are needed, such as metal fasteners made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has qualities other metals don’t, mainly, these will not corrode under ‘normal’ circumstances for many years; however, to make sure your stainless steel fasteners stay faithful for longer, there a few things you can do to make that happen.

Yes, stainless steel will not corrode under normal circumstances, but it can corrode over time, that is why you can take some actions to ensure they last as long as you need them too.

How to Make Stainless Steel Fasteners Last

Although stainless steel is strong, and corrosion resistant, the material that these are anchored into may not last as long as they will. So, making sure these fasteners find a good, solid foundation is paramount. The next things to do is to make sure that the holes for your metal fasteners are properly slotted, and there are tools for that. Using proper slotting tools for the holes is very important because if the holes do not properly cater to the mechanical specifications of the stainless steel fasteners, then the pull-out strength will be greatly reduced, and, what is being anchored can become unsecured.

Another things you can do to make sure fasteners last as long as they should is by choosing a proper grade of stainless steel, one that is more corrosion resistant. You can ask bolt and fastener supplier if you are unsure about the grade of stainless steel that you need for your project.

Proper Fastener Hole Cleaning

As important as slotting the fastener hole is, cleaning the holes of any debris or moisture, such as dust and dirt, is just as important because it can also negatively alter fasteners’ pull-out strength. And, moisture in the slotted fastener holes exposes stainless steel fasteners to contaminated water particles that can lead to corrosion of the teeth, and that can also degrade pull-out strength.

With that said, it is advised to use only high-grade stainless steel for your fasteners, so finding a supplier of quality construction fasteners is important. Thankfully, Ebolts online store has every metric fastener bolt, nut, rivet, washer, screw, and many other items you need, and can deliver it anywhere you want, fast.

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