Wedge anchor / True bolts are for installation into elements of solid concrete. They are not to be used with CMU, brick or other base materials. Also, these bolts are specially made to go into concrete permanently. Thanks to their design, wedge anchors have consistent, sturdy holding abilities. You just insert one of these bolts into the concrete hole and turn its nut clockwise to pull the anchor body towards you. This action causes the expansion clip to slide down the cone-shaped end of the bolt. It is the clip that wedges between the concrete and the bolt’s body to create a stable hold. We explain additional information about the wedge anchor bolts in the following, including how to select the right size of them for your project.

Parts of a Wedge Anchor Bolt

• Body – The body is manufactured with stainless steel or carbon steel. It also is threaded part way up the length. This bolt’s diameter is necked down and its coned shape tapers up to a nominal diameter at the opposite end of the threading.

• Washer –
 The washer comes with the wedge anchor bolt and it is a SAE standard one that is made with either stainless steel or zinc-plated carbon steel.

• Nut – This is a stainless steel or zinc-plated carbon steel standard national coarse hex nut.

• Extension Clip – This clip is located around the neck and part of the body of the anchor and is permanently attached.

How to Figure the Right Size of Wedge Anchor Bolts for Your Needs

To determine the length of the wedge anchor bolt, measure the concrete embedment depth at which the bolt will be placed along with the thickness of material that is being attached to the concrete. Add the height of the washer and nut to this measurement to calculate the length accurately.

The diameter measurement can be influenced by a number of things, such as the diameter of a pre-drilled hole, engineering requirements and holding values specifications. Also, the weight of the material being attached to the concrete can affect your choice since the heavier this material is the larger the bolt’s diameter should to securely hold it to the concrete. Make note that pre-drilled holes can dictate the diameter if they cannot be drilled out larger.

When you have calculated the size of wedge anchor bolts that you require for your project, you can purchase them at our Ebolts Online Store. If you require our assistance, contact us through the “Contact” page or call or email us. We will be happy to help you with your ordering needs.

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