Fasteners are hardware devices that help in physically linking or joining two objects together, which can be found anywhere in your property. And while they can truly help in maintaining the attachment of objects without damaging them, most of these fasteners just end up in the landfill whenever they are replaced or get damaged. Most fasteners that contribute to tons of metallic waste in the world.

A lot of people do not realise the implication of metallic waste in the environment. Since they get transported to landfills, most of these fasteners, which include screws, nuts, and bolts, will just add to the bulk of waste that is already contributing to the existence of waste pollution. Some of these hardware devices even end up on the stomach of animals. Another thing that most people do not realise is that fasteners can be reused numerous times. Most fasteners are made from aluminium or stainless steel, both of which can retain durable properties even if they are recycled repeatedly.

If you have fasteners, screws, nuts, and bolts, then here are some recycling options that you can explore.

Sell as Scrap Metal

The sale of metallic materials has been going on for years. There are a lot of companies that offer recycling services for materials made from metal. If you have a huge number of aluminium and stainless steel fasteners, screwsnuts, and bolts that are already old or damaged, you have the option to give all of them to a local recycling company in exchange for some amount of cash. Selling your scrap metallic fasteners enables you to save the environment from being contaminated by metal.

Consider Welded Art

Another great recycling option for metallic fasteners is to personally convert them into any form of welded art and object. You can manually create a wind chime out of nails and long threads, which can jingle by the sound of old nuts and bolts. Nuts and bolts can also be used in constructing an iron skeleton sculpture through the help of a welding gun. If you want to create eye-catching gifts and toys out of metal, then you can use some of your old fasteners to weld them together with other scrap materials.

Use for Furnishing

If you do not want to weld your own art, then you may want to convert your old or damaged fasteners into furnishing for several furniture and fixtures. Some of your old screws, nuts, and nails can still work for your old furniture items like chairs, tables, and bed frames. Any loosened parts may still be fixed with the use of old fasteners. Minor cracks in the windowpane or any other carpentry work may also be repaired using discarded fasteners.

When you consider these recycling options, you can now help conserve the environment and eradicate waste pollution even in small ways. If you want to know more about these recycling options for your fasteners, feel free to call us at EBOLTS.

As you can see, fasteners come in many different shapes and sizes. If you are ready to improve your next project, give Ebolts Online Store a call!

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