The next time you are down in the garage go ahead and dig through your toolbox. Do you have the bolts and nuts that you need to get your next job done? So often we end up with a toolbox that is half filled with what we need and thus put into a tight spot when it is time to get to work. Rather than getting into these situations online let’s look at how you can stay ahead of the curve, stay well stocked, and save money along the way.

Hit the Internet for Your Needs

The Internet is so much more than a tool for social media and your favorite sports teams. Instead of heading to the nearby mega-store you can get online and find retailers who carry every type of nut and bolt that you could possibly need. Being able to look at each product up close, analysing it to ensure that it meets your needs. Also, most online retailers will give you a guarantee to make sure that you keep content.

Stock Up on the Right Hex Nuts

A well-stocked toolbox has a variety of nuts and bolts to get your jobs done. Today we are going to focus a little more specifically. One of the most common areas we’ve found ourselves running short on during our project days is in the arena of the hex nut. The hex nut is one of the most common fasteners that you are going to be using while you work. Today we are going to spread hex nuts out into three categories in order to tell you what they do and why you need them.

  1. Hex Nuts – The conventional fastening tool that you need. Hex nuts come in a variety of different thicknesses and strength ratings. Heavier duty hex nuts are for heavy loads while smaller hex nuts are just designed to fasten and secure.
  2. Hex Flange Nuts – A Hex flange nut, or just a flange nut, is a hex nut that has a wide range at the end of it. This flange helps to spread the pressure and weight over the entire body of the tool, thus reducing the likeliness of any sort of failure. Certain hex flange nuts are capable of being locked into place with special serrations.
  3. Hex Nyloc Nuts – Finally, and least familiar, is the hex nyloc nut. The nyloc nut is a special locknut with a nylon-built collar insert. This insert is located within the end of the nut and helps to secure it into place with friction resistance.

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