Boltsscrewsnuts and nails make up the list of the most common fasteners used in construction projects. Based on their extensive presence in hardware stores, these fasteners are believed to be used by anyone globally. However, there are some situations where these fasteners are not as effective as they are believed to be. Some fastening works even need other materials for them to be stable and efficient.

One efficient and effective way of fastening materials is through riveting. Riveting entails the use of rivets to fasten and clasp materials. In case you don’t know, a rivet has a smooth cylindrical shaft that connects its head and tail. A specific tool will insert the rivet into a pre-drilled hole. Part of the rivet will then expand once inserted that gives the two surfaces the required permanent connection or lock.

Riveting is believed to be more effective than other fasteners since the fastening mechanism of the rivet is permanent. Moreover, the process of riveting doesn’t need to access the other end of the involved surface. For its efficiency, rivets are now used on the following:

Construction Projects

The unique capabilities and fastening mechanism of rivets make them a useful tool for construction projects. Rivets can effectively attach two materials together without worrying about any dislodging any time soon. Rivets can be used in different parts of your property such as windows, window blinds, doors, walls, fibreglass roofing, and many others.

Home Decorations

The one-sided accessibility of rivets is also effective in permanently mounting decorative items on your walls or ceilings. Items like frames, plates, signs, ornamental objects, or any other festive decorations can be attached around your house through riveting. One great use of riveting is the attachment of your street number plate on the front of your property.


When building a piece of furniture, most people would turn to screws and nails during the assembly. They can be effective, but rivets can offer you more security if you want to consider the longevity of your wooden furniture. Shelves, cabinets, lockers, drawers, and others are intended to store things with ease. With riveting, your pieces of wooden furniture are expected to be more durable and sturdier than ever before.


Instead of resorting to the heating method, some jewellery makers use riveting as a cold connection technique. Through the use of rivets, jewellery makers attach all the metal pieces. As the riveting goes on, jewellery makes can also add interesting depth and unique texture to the jewellery.

Aircraft Construction

The creation process of aircraft is complicated since it must withstand any factors when flying across the distance. Often made up of heavy-duty materials, an aircraft must firmly hold all the materials to avoid any accidents. With riveting, all parts necessary for the creation of aircraft are joined together by rivets. Riveting is essential since it gives neatness and adequate strength on the aircraft.

Knowing alternate tools for your fastening works can make a huge difference in your construction and other projects. If you want to buy your own rivets, contact us now at eBolts Online Store. With us, we can provide you the best tools and fastening products in Australia.

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