No matter what industry you work in, you are going to need reliable fasteners in order to accomplish your projects. From automobiles to the rockets that we send into space, nothing would be possible without reliable tools and fasteners by our side. While most of us aren’t going to be working on the next spaceship, we still need to know about the different fasteners that are being used throughout the world. Today, we are going to be setting our eyes on the domed nut, also known as the acorn nut. We are going to explore the uses and applications of this unique fastener so that you have the knowledge necessary to accomplish your next project!

Uses & Applications of the Dome Nut

If you’ve ever been in a well-equipped garage, you’ve likely seen more types of fasteners than you can name. We’re going to give you a name for one of the most frequently used fasteners out there: the dome nut. The dome nut goes by a host of different names: blind nut, cap nut, acorn nut, and the crown hex nut. This nut is known for its bulbous shape that looks almost like the round end of an acorn. The dome nut can be made of any type of material that you need from brass and steel to nylon or chrome plated. So, what is this fastener actually used for? Why should you have a couple of boxes of these on hand? Let’s explore that question below!

1) Concealing Ugly Fasteners – So, the most notable difference between this fastener and the others in your toolbox will be the domed finish. The cap-like finish on the dome nut makes it the perfect fastener for capping off your metalwork. In fact, the dome nut is used extensively in the automobile world for that specific reason!

2) Securing Sharp Threads – You’ll also find that dome nuts are used extensively for the purpose of securing the potentially sharp ends of protruding threads. Dome nuts are easy to screw on and they’ll act as an aesthetic way to make sure that nobody accidentally cuts themselves on the end of a protruding thread.

3) Thread Protection – Additionally, dome nuts can serve as a protective shield for your threads. With a dome nut in place, your thread will be protected from vibrations and other elements that could cause wear-and-tear.

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