Ebolts invites you to visit our affordable online store for nuts and boltsconstruction fastenersscrews and other related products. Our prices depend on the quantity you buy so you will save on your large projects when you require a bulk amount of any of our fasteners and accessories. Just browse through our selection or contact us directly to order what you require, and we will ship it out immediately when the items are in stock. If you require items that are not on our website, still contact us since we most likely can order it for you. We list some of our product offerings below for your convenience.

Bolts and Nuts

Whether you require hex bolts in grade 8.8, coach bolts with matching nuts, Purlin bolts, or wedge anchors or true bolts, we have them as part of our ongoing stock. For an example of our prices on bolts, the Purlin bolts sell for $.50 per unit up to 50 units, but when you need over 200 of them, they sell for $.0175 per unit. We also offer different price points in between.

When you need to purchase nuts separately, we carry hex nuts metric, hex dome nuts metric, hex flange nuts metric, jam nuts, and other types of nuts. An example of the nut prices is the hex nuts metric, model #AS1112-8 M4-0.7 ZP that are zinc plated that start at $.04 per unit up to 50 units, but sell for only $.01 per unit when you purchase 200+ units.

Construction Fasteners

When bolts will not perform the fastening task on your wood projects sufficiently since they are flat-ended, you may need one of our other fasteners that is ideal for construction projects, such as the galvanized, hex-head coach screws. Screws such as these dig into the wood for a firm grip. The M10 X 40, model #AS1393-1996 ones that we carry in galvanized sell for $.04 per unit up to 50 units, $.17 per unit 51 – 200 units and $.12 per unit 201+ units.

Screws and Other Related Products

On top of all the other offerings that we provide to you, we carry other fasteners, screws and related accessories at similar affordable prices as the ones we mention here in this information.

We are your one-stop shop for your fastener needs for all types of building projects, including wood-on-wood, metal-on-wood or all-metal ones. Browse through our affordable online store for nuts and bolts, construction fasteners, and screws and other related products today to learn that we only tell the truth to you here.

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