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Common Mistakes When Using Stainless Steel Fasteners

December 13, 2019

Before using stainless steel fasteners, there are a few issues to keep in mind. First and foremost is the alloy going to react adversely when placed in a given environment? Rust inducing conditions come to mind here, so an oxidization resistant fastener is vital when such conditions prevail.

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Common Applications of Rivets

December 2, 2019

Bolts, screws, and nails make up the list of the most common fasteners used in construction projects. Based on their extensive presence in hardware stores, these fasteners are believed to be used by anyone globally. However, there are some situations where these fasteners are not as effective as they are believed to be. Some fastening works even need other materials for them to be stable and efficient.

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Vibration Mitigator Spring Washers: Buy Them Online

November 22, 2019

Most industrial equipment and materials have a complex set of components that require heavily secured bolts to function. Once the bolts loosen, the equipment and materials can be damaged, which could even result in accidents. To prevent accidents from happening, different tools and devices have been produced to tighten different kinds of bolts.

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Five Causes of Loose Bolts and Ways How to Prevent Them

November 5, 2019

Almost all equipment being used in manufacturing products, mining, transportation, and power generation have a lot of bolted joints involved. For security, a bolted joint is a little bit stretched by tightening the nut. The stretching, or tension, will result in a contrasting clamp force that holds both sides of the joint together.

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How to Determine the Size of Wedge Anchor Bolt to Use

October 16, 2019

Wedge anchor bolts are for installation into elements of solid concrete. They are not to be used with CMU, brick or other base materials. Also, these bolts are specially made to go into concrete permanently. Thanks to their design, wedge anchors have consistent, sturdy holding abilities. You just insert one of these bolts into the concrete hole and turn its nut clockwise to pull the anchor body towards you.

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Chemical Anchor Studs: What are These?

October 9, 2019

If you aspire to be a well-rounded DIY professional, you are going to have to get familiar with all sorts of fasteners. No matter what kind of project you take on, you will eventually end up working with something unfamiliar to you. Today, we are going to illuminate one facet of fasteners and fastening technology that is often overlooked, chemical anchoring.

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Purposes of Serrated Metric Flange Nuts

September 19, 2019

Regardless of the reason you are joining multiple sections of a project together, you must use the right fasteners and or nuts to ensure that they stay put securely. For this reason, you need to educate yourself which ones will and will not work for your project. We are here to help you start the learning process by discussing in the following the characteristics and purposes for serrated metric flange nuts.

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Tips on Installing Wedge Anchor Bolts

September 9, 2019

Whether you are working in your home or on a project, you are going to need to be outfitted with the proper tools. Part of being outfitted with the right tool is also knowing how to use it. Today, we are going to circle around the wedge anchor bolt, an oft-misunderstood fastener that is commonly used as a concrete anchor.

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Fastening Wood to Steel: What Should be the Right Material/s to Use?

August 22, 2019

Whether you are a professional handyman or a DIY enthusiast, you need to make sure that your toolbox is always filled with the right components for the job before you. There are an infinite amount of variations that could manifest before you in order to complete a job. Today, however, we are going to be focused on one specific niche within the DIY industry.

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Difference Between Metric and Standard Bolt Sizes

August 7, 2019

When it comes time to start shopping for your next order of bolts, you are going to need to know exactly what you are looking for. At Ebolts Online Store, we pride ourselves on offering you not only great products but important information, as well. Today, we are going to be discussing the primary differences between standard and metric bolt sizes.

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The Importance of Fastener Compatibility in Metal Roofs and Metal Panels

July 18, 2019

If youve ever worked on a construction site before, you know how important it is to have the right tools on hand. While your mind might race to large power tools, you should also consider the importance of quality fasteners. Fasteners may be tiny components, but they perform an important job.

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DIY Kit for Craftsmen and Hobbyists: Why Should Fasteners be on Their Top List

July 3, 2019

If you like working with your tools, then you already know how important it is to have quality components around your garage. Your workshop is going to be filled with different kinds of equipment and construction materials, but how much attention do you pay to your fasteners?

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What are the Different Types of Concrete Fasteners?

June 17, 2019

If you are working on a project that deals with concrete, you are going to need the right fasteners on hand.

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The Effects of Thread Angle on Screw Strength

June 4, 2019

When you first look at a toolbox filled with fasteners, your instinct might be to argue that they are all very similar. While it is true that all fasteners possess similar traits, in that they fasten one object to another, they all can operate in different fashions.

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How to Avoid Overspending in Purchasing Wrong Fasteners

May 20, 2019

No matter what industry you operate in, you are likely to depend on fasteners in order to complete your project. From aerospace engineering to commercial agriculture, and everything in between, fasteners play a vital role.

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Effects of Using the Wrong Impact Tools on Your Fasteners

May 1, 2019

When you are working on a project in any industry, you need to make sure that you have the right tools on hand. When you are working with fasteners, specifically, it is important that you are applying them correctly.

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Most Common Uses of Sleeve Anchors

April 17, 2019

If youve spent any measure of time studying engineering or working with tools on your own, youll know how important every asset is.

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Common Uses of Socket Head Cap Screws

April 4, 2019

When working on a project, you will no doubt be forced to utilise a vast amount of tools. As you reach into your toolbox, youd be remiss if you did not have all the proper fasteners waiting for you.

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FAQ: Why Fastener Size Matters in Every Project?

March 25, 2019

Whether you work in the aerospace industry or you are just looking to fix your kids bicycle, you are going to need the right tools for the job. Some of the most important components for your project are also going to be the smallest.

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FAQ: Can Hot-dip Galvanized Bolts be Paired with Plain Finish Bolt?

March 11, 2019

No matter what kind of project you are working on, you need to know that you have the right tools on hand in order to complete the job.

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Why Choose Screws Over Nails When it Comes to Drywalls?

February 27, 2019

Succeeding in any construction project will require that you have the proper tools and supplies on hand. Whether you are building a house from the ground up or merely laying down some drywall, having the right fasteners in your toolbox will be one of the most underrated aspects of your job.

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Applications and Uses of Dome Nuts

February 14, 2019

No matter what industry you work in, you are going to need reliable fasteners in order to accomplish your projects. From automobiles to the rockets that we send into space, nothing would be possible without reliable tools and fasteners by our side.

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Gutter Screws vs. Gutter Nails: What are the Differences?

January 31, 2019

You don't have to be a DIY professional to understand how important your gutters are to the health of your property. The ability to properly drain and direct the flow of water snow and debris away from your home is clearly important. The gutters on your property, whether you own a commercial building or a residential home, need to be tightly affixed to the wall in order to stay secure and operational. In order to keep your gutters in place, you are going to need one of two components: gutter screws or gutter nails. Today, we will be talking to you about the difference between the two.

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Common Uses of Socket Head Cap Screws

January 15, 2019

If you've ever worked on a project where you needed tools and fasteners, you've no doubt been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options that you have to choose from. In the construction world, no tools are more important than the fasteners that you utilise.

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